Paying your GBT bill has never been more convenient.  Discover GBT’s new E-Bill mobile app.arrow_outward

After having streaming problems, I switched to GBT’s Managed Protection. With their router, my Internet and streaming experience has never been better!

Best-in-class Wifi router.

To get the best Wifi, you need the best router. We’ve got you covered. We always equip our Managed Protection customers with our professional choice of a state-of-the-art router.

We do the maintenance for you. 

Our technicians optimize your Wifi to your needs and take care of any updates. 

Free at-home support if needed. 

With GBT’s Managed Protection, there is no trip charge (Saving you $70 every time a tech comes ou to your home) We are here for you with any questions or issues. 

Improved Internet experience & secure Wifi.

Strengthened Wifi to reach every corner of your home and automatic software updates provide superior security.