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A Continuous Commitment to our Communities | GBT 2021 Year in Recap
January 31, 2022

As we start a new year, I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our many customers and update you on a few company happenings.

GBT’s Fiber Network continues to grow, with homes and businesses getting blazing fast Internet connections that only fiber can deliver! Many rural areas lack fiber because it isn’t financially viable for big Internet companies to provide service due to lack of population density. The GBT Cooperative has invested over $40 million in the last 13 years to bring 94% of our members a ROBUST Fiber Connection! 2021’s focus included the rural areas of Brownell, Bazine, and McCracken—meaning these areas, along with current fiber-connected members, will have access to Gigabit Internet connections and the best experience available in the area! The GBT Cooperative has three more exchanges–Bison, Burdett, and Garfield—planned to receive fiber connections in 2022. I am sure many of you unwrapped an Internet-connected device this holiday season that depends on a robust Internet connection to deliver the desired performance. The GBT Cooperative understands the broadband needs of our members are evolving–upgrading to 100% Fiber Optic Network throughout our area has been part of our long-term commitment and strategy that should wrap up in the next three years!

Getting expert, local IT help is easy with GBT Business Technology Solutions. GBT has increased its offering of Business IT Solutions recently because of demand from our customers. As technology evolves and society becomes more dependent on the Internet for commerce, attacks have become increasingly more common. Often hackers target small business because of the lack of security infrastructure to protect against these threats. Whether a business is large or small, when IT issues arise, productivity can come to a standstill. Our team is close, accessible, and ready to help keep your business running. Call us, and we will customize a package to meet your individual needs!

In addition to deploying more Fiber Infrastructure and ramping up our Cybersecurity offerings, GBT converted all video customers to StreamIT TV. Customers are enjoying a feature-rich platform, including FREE DVR, full HD, instant rewind & replay, with no clunky set-top boxes, that integrates well with other streaming platforms, such as Netflix and ESPN+.

“It is easy to think of us as just an Internet provider. However, our GBT Team takes a lot of pride in ensuring the communities we serve can meet their economic needs, trade their commodities, grow academically, entertain, and participate in commerce.”

As I wrap this up, I want to take a moment to recognize all the people that make our services work and keep our technology moving forward. It is easy to take for granted the work they do to keep our members connected. In a perfect world, the services we provide should largely be invisible. If you peel back the layers, you will quickly realize the thousands of miles of fiber, the complex hardware, fiscal oversight, and expertise that CONNECT YOU to the world! It is easy to think of us as just an Internet provider. However, our GBT Team takes a lot of pride in ensuring the communities we serve can meet their economic needs, trade their commodities, grow academically, entertain, and participate in commerce.

Our Cooperative has seven core values that guide the direction for what each of us strive to deliver to our membership. The one that really makes us unique is our commitment to our communities—Team GBT is actively involved in local happenings to help support them physically and economically. Part of the ongoing commitment of this value is to continue to learn from our members so we can deliver on what is important to you.

GBT, with the leadership of our Board of Trustees, our dedicated Team of Employees, and our loyal Members, will be around to deliver communication needs to the membership well into the future. From all of us at GBT, Happy New Year!

Beau Rebel / GBT General Manager

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Fiber Internet for Rural Pawnee & Stafford Counties
Fiber Internet for Rural Pawnee & Stafford Counties

Governor Kelly recently announced that GBT was awarded a $6,782,694 grant from the State of Kansas through the Kansas Capital Project Funds Broadband Infrastructure Program. This grant will be used by GBT to provide Fiber Internet, Voice, & TV services to approximately 530 homes, businesses, and other public institutions. The project, which consists of the entire eastern half of Rural Pawnee County and a western portion of Rural Stafford County, will provide fiber-fed, high-speed broadband for the first time to residents who live in these under-served areas. GBT, headquartered in Rush Center, Kansas and celebrating its 70th year of operation, has been deploying Fiber to the Premise for 15 years in the communities and rural areas of western Kansas. With the awarding of this grant, GBT will be able to offer this area the latest in broadband technologies, including Internet speeds up to 1 Gig. To read the full press release click here.

Giving & Gratitude
Giving & Gratitude

The month of November tends to make people take a moment and recognize what they are thankful for and at GBT we are no different. The picture above highlights the individuals that form the GBT team and without each and everyone we could not provide the high level of service we strive to give all customers every day. In October, GBT celebrated Customer Appreciation Week with our employees, highlighting each employee and showing a collective appreciation for the many talents each of them brings to the GBT team. For almost 70 years, GBT has been the area leader in communication services, striving to deliver leading edge technology to our friends, family, and neighbors. We feel we continue to be on the leading edge with our fiber deployment and expansion to homes in the Golden Belt area and want to thank all our employees who help get the job done each day! “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” —John F. Kennedy We also want to thank our amazing customers who choose GBT for their communication needs. People of all ages, from businesses to individuals, utilize GBT daily and partner with us to meet their communication and technology demands. As 2022 nears to a close, we want to thank you for placing your trust in GBT and our employees to serve you. GBT isn’t just thankful for all of our employees, we also want to recognize and highlight some opportunities to support the amazing organizations in our area. Although donations to support organizations are always welcome, Giving Tuesday highlights the need to support non-profits and organizations that give back to the communities and people that live in them, having a positive impact on all our lives. Some might ask why GBT highlights this opportunity each year and one of the biggest reasons is because of the amount of GBT employees that serve on various boards and organizations outside of their 8-5 jobs. It’s what makes GBT different from...

Co-ops build Economic Power
Co-ops build Economic Power

October is National Cooperative Month, and this year’s theme “Co-ops Build Economic Power,” is lived out every day by GBT!   When GBT began in 1953, a group of individuals came together to form a Cooperative with Member-Owners to fill the unmet need of providing quality telecommunications in the rural, sparsely populated areas of Kansas. GBT, along with other Cooperatives formed in the early years, including those generating and providing electricity and those providing elevators to receive and transport farmers’ crops to market, improved the standard of living for area residents and stimulated the economy in rural Kansas!   Fast forward nearly 70 years, and GBT is one of 36 Rural Telephone Cooperatives that together cover nearly half the state of Kansas, serving our customers with Voice, Video, Cellular, Home Security, Computer Repair, IT Services, and the Game Changer—High-Speed Broadband! Over 95% of GBT’s telephone exchange customers are connected to FIBER BROADBAND, with plans to reach 100% by 2023. USDA deems 100 Mbps download x 20 Mbps upload as “sufficient broadband access”, and GBT FIBER has the speed capability of more than 100x this speed! Plus, think for a moment how you can use the Internet—work from home, financial and credit card transactions, agriculture monitoring, email, research, student education, telehealth visits with doctors, electronic medical records, cloud-based servers, streaming video…the list goes on and on.   Cooperatives make decisions locally, and GBT is led by a Board of Directors elected by the Member-Owners at our Annual Meeting, representing the 7 Districts of the GBT area: James Jecha, Timken; Clyde Sutton, Ness City; Cinda Flax, Utica; Philip Martin, Ellis; Gene Knieling, Rush Center; Brian Hammeke, Rozel; and Ron Gruber, Lewis.   When the cooperative is successful and profitable, allocations are made to Member-Owners in the form of capital credits. Total Capital Credit Retirements over the last 5 years...